Dr Clarke-Okah (left) with FODE College curriculum specialists

New Century New Compacts (NCNC) is an international education and development consultancy. It offers services in Education, Health, Environment and Public Policy. Service offerings include the monitoring and evaluation of projects and programs, institutional and systems strengthening, quality assurance and institutional quality audits, management of open and distance learning, results-based management, SWAps, sector reviews, governance, and policy development and analysis.

NCNC was established by the veteran development practitioner, Dr Willie Clarke-Okah. He retired from the Commonwealth of Learning (COL) as its Higher Education Specialist in January 2011. Prior to joining COL in 2006, he had worked for the Canadian International Development Agency for many years in various capacities. NCNC began operations in January 2011. Presented here is NCNC’s organogram:

Our Tagline

Our tag line is Educating for Change - in its various ramifications: social, cultural, economic, environmental and political. The new reality is that change is a constant in a world of continuing globalization. How a country engineers its education and training system to adapt robustly to this constantly changing global environment will determine how well the country is positioned to compete effectively in the 21st Century and thus secure and sustain its future prosperity.

Our Worldview

The pre-eminent buzzword of the 1990’s – change, i.e., constant and rapid change in an increasingly globalizing world – has assumed even a greater mantra as we begin the second decade of the New Millennium. The complexities inherent in this phenomenon demand that people, groups, institutions, communities and governments behave differently. They need to fashion new arrangements, new relationships, new understandings - in short, new compacts in order to achieve their objectives and remain competitive. This vision inspires the name that we have adopted and informs how New Century New Compacts operates.

Client Orientation

“…As we all know, tough economic times demand doing more with less. Let’s be clear: that means delivering more outputs quantitatively without sacrificing quality with what inputs (mainly money) that you have now or with even less. That’s what our clients are facing. At NCNC, we go the extra mile, if necessary, and at no extra cost to the client, to ensure that deliverables are of the highest quality while respecting delivery deadlines.”

---Dr Willie Clarke-Okah

New Century New Compacts (NCNC) 
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